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UKIP and the British Expatriate in the European Union.

Crisis for the Expatriate in Europe?

Why has UKIP been so successful?
Probably because in Britain, the public is disenchanted by their experiences with the traditional politicians.  [See also below **Nigel Farage**]
Expatriates haven’t had a chance to express an opinion. Many can’t vote! Most of the rest do not bother. Amongst them it would seem ‘apathy’ rules.  The Government’s Electoral Commission has made efforts to get to them to register to vote.  Petitions originating in Spain and France to awaken a political consciousness have become damp squibs.  As a leading example, a petition begun by  the editor of a French English language newspaper (the Connexion)  has attracted only just over 3400 signatures – It needs tens of thousands of signatures. Why do expats not claim the right to vote!  It is in their interest to do so.
There are over 60,000 British pensioners living in France [106,000 in Spain; and another 140,000 throughout Europe excluding Ireland] -these groups have the most to lose if Farage’s UKIP  gains ascendancy in Britain.  Why have not these 300,000 signed these petitions? Is it that they are ignorant of the situation?  By doing so they could gain power to protect their pensions, investments, health care costs and other aspects of their lives.   But it seems they cannot be bothered; they are apathetic and ‘cannot see the point’ in voting for a politician in the UK.  Quite probably few also have bothered to vote for the MEP lists for the Euro-Parliament.
You can see a reason for this appalling apathy.  As things are, there is only a handful of British politicians who show the slightest interest at all in the welfare of Britons abroad. Those few of us who have written to MPs get answers saying ‘The government has decided this or that.’  They never show a willingness to debate, to listen.  It is surely necessary that they are forced to take an interest.
Turning attention to the younger generation of expatriates, remember also,– they can only live in the EU by agreement with the EU. For these reasons (and more), some representatives for expatriates are necessary at Westminster.
If the Farage bandwagon continues to its desired end the situation could be most uncomfortable for British people living in other Countries of the EU.  A referendum flying on the words of Nigel Farage could spell disaster for them
If the expatriates fail to have political protection, then they are not masters of their lives. If the EU fails for us, we have no defence.
The situation is dangerous.

**Farage and cultural change.**
Nigel Farage is undoubtedly exuberant and is quite a positive and likeable chap.  He seems to be listening to the mood of the people – in Britain.  That mood, partly arising from political disenchantment would appear also to arise from discomfort at cultural change in Britain brought about by immigration. But a similar argument can operate in reverse in France and parts of Spain.
In France, am I odd in feeling uncomfortable when one hears a large number of English voices  in a small town?  Is it possible that some French people could also be uncomfortable with this cultural change?  Is this also true in Spain? Cyprus?

The  danger for British Citizens in Farage’s desire to exit the EU?
British Citizens would cease to be European Citizens!  That is truly serious.
The Briton would no longer have the right to freely live and move in Europe.
Euro laws would no longer operate to preserve the right to ensure that British State pensions be paid in full in Europe.  All benefits would cease to be protected,
Health care support would cease.
The French (or Spanish, Cypriots etc.) could impose restrictions on foreigners in almost any manner. This would impinge of the lives of both older and younger generations.  Emigration from the UK to Europe would be seriously affected.
All Euro States would become as foreign to the British State as any other country in the world.
In brief it is most urgent that Britons abroad in Europe  are heard and listened to in the British parliament.
All who value the present situation and their ability to live in the European Union should sign this petition of the Editor of the Connexion.
And also this one  ---
If you entitled to  register to vote in the UK elections – do so here
It is desirable that people contact MPs – even the Prime Minister- in Britain.   Get an address from this link -
You could forward this item… But the low number of signatures on the petitions simply affirms in their minds that the matter is of no importance to us. 
If  Farage has his way in some future referendum,  our world could be become greatly changed, and we will have no say at all.  Remember that.
(Brian Cave –
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