Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reasons for the European Union

Reasons for the EU by Carol Lavinia Fraser (<link) 
Carol Fraser wrote the following on the Forum  site Survive France Network
  She is stating why the EU is important to Britain and thereby the citizens of Britain.  I have added some comments in purple.
The first two items are so frequently indicated as reasons why Britain should leave the EU.  But they are on a continental scale what every honourable governing body does from countries to communes.  It is a matter of supporting the less economically developed regions, districts and individuals for the good of all.
 1.  The UK puts in £12 billion into the EU.  It gets back £6 billion.
2.  Each person pays €195.82 in and receives €108.75
From the developing economic strength of the less economic areas one gets trade.  That is what items 3 and 4 are about.
 3.  The free market is worth £227 million in exports to the UK - walk away from that?
4.  The new digital market which is in the process of being set up is estimated to be worth €451 billion and millions of new jobs - walk away from that?
5.  One of the biggest receivers of EU funding is agriculture.  Would our farmers get any funding from a UK government? Risky. Probably a hike in food prices, we all know they do not need much excuse to do that. 
The beauty of the landscape and the intimacy of food producers with the consumers (e.g. such as farmers' markets) depend on subsidies.
6.  Britain together with the EU is a world leader in the field of science and technology.  This is funded by the EU and includes Europeans in the university faculties.  This would go!  The EU is encouraging training of British (and other) students across Europe via the Erasmus programme (which see) - Brexit would probably cut it dead.
7.  Free trade into one of the biggest markets in the world.  America and China want the UK to stay leaders in the market and both have specified they would not be interested in the UK if it is out.  The car industry has warned Cameron to stay in Europe.  What are the implications of that?  The EU has over 50 trade deals globally which we have access to because we are in.  Estimate in lost jobs 2 million.
8.  London and the city are the world leaders in finance.  Implications of an out? Nobody knows!
9.  Security.  Loss of the European arrest warrant and cooperation between police and intelligence sources.  Police chiefs are worried about this one.  Turn the clock back to 1939 and Britain stands alone?  In the event of an 'out' a border would have to erected in Ireland with possible repercussions of kicking off the troubles again.  On the home front the Scots are very unhappy with the possibility of any out and are threatening another referendum to allow them to stay in the EU.  The world is currently in turmoil and we have the strength of a united Europe to take comfort from.  Winston Churchill said after the war the only way for there to be lasting peace in Europe was to be united.  How right he was.
10.  Each British subject has the protection of the European Bill of Human Rights.  Cameron said he will rewrite this into a British constitution.  Wow I for one do not TRUST him to do that.
11.  We each have freedom of movement in the EU and many of the low paid jobs are being done by Europeans, including Portuguese nurses in the health service.  The NHS is graunching (grinding/creaking) now, what would happen if they had to go home?
You might be interested in a conversation on Facebook I had with UKIP Bury.  I put six of the above points and expected an intelligent reasoned response.  What did I get? "Oh Carol you have been reading propaganda".  Right, I thought to ask where he gets his info, the response "The Daily Express".  This being run by a media billionaire baron who no doubt has his own hidden agenda.  I can report on that it was like talking to cotton wool.
In conclusion I would recommend you all sign up to British Influence and get their newsletter.  The reports are written by university professors and political grandees with much knowledge.  I would further recommend you demand answers from UKIP because so far they have none.  To vote 'out' would be to take a giant leap into the unknown.  They glibly state that we can have our own trade deals.  Estimated time to set these up? Years.
I could go on and I expect you will have guessed by now I am an ardent european.  I live in France and love it here having been here for 10 years.  I do not wish to go home and I furthermore do not want to see the land of my birth go to the wall.
The European endeavour is in its infancy. It is not perfect as no new venture is perfect.  Europe has had two millennia of changes, most of them traumatic.  We need now to guide the future, and not stand aside. Britain is one of three great economic powers of Europe along with Germany and France and we three should work together so that the whole does not founder.