Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Winter Fuel Payment at February 2011

What is the attitude of the Conservatives?

I received this email from a reader...  It speaks for itself.  Mr X retired to France before 1998 and because he did not receive the WFP at that time, he does not get it now.
"I have just re-read your e-mail of the 16th January and wonder if there have been any further developments on the petition to the EU on the Winter Fuel Allowance.
As you know I feel very strongly about this, even more so as I am now nearly 86 and on Oxygen 24/24. This, coupled with the fact that I have walking difficulties, means that I am virtually housebound and our heating is on from 7am till midnight."
The 'petition' is that placed before the EU by Mr, Burrage Legal Advisor to the British Expatriates in Spain.  He replies to me as below.
"Hello Brian,
 The wheels in Brussels often move very slowly and I am still awaiting a response from the Committee on Petitions and such responses can take up to 2 years or more.
 You will be the first to learn of that final response. Also it will be posted onto our website.
 I believe I have previously forwarded a reply I received from William Hague when leader of the opposition in 2001. I suspect that if we remind him of his pledge, he will defend himself by declaring that (a) He is no longer the leader of his party and (b) We do not have a conservative government, but a coalition."
The letter from William Hague is below.   You may like to write to him and give him your views?
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