Saturday, April 26, 2014

The European (MEP) elections.

EU regulations state that Euro-Citizens living in a Euro State other than their national State should be able to choose to vote either for an MEP standing in their National State or for one standing in their Resident State.
Huge numbers of British Citizens resident outside the UK will have no choice.  They can only choose an MEP candidate standing within the State where they live. This is because of the 15 year limit rule on voting  imposed by the UK Government,  In other words  the British Government is preventing the British citizens exercising their democrat right to choose the candidate they desire as their representative member in the Euro Parliament.
This is wrong! 

Stuck with this situation the British Citizen must choose MEPs from the local lists. (Some countries only elect on a list system).
Few will know who is who and what list is what. What are their policies?
To help the decision the following link will reveal the names of candidates and lists country by country. You click on the appropriate flag when the first page appears.

For the candidates in France (for les députés du Parlement européen) the subsequent link is as follows.  Other countries can be selected as above.

To learn more about the publicity coming from each candidate/list it is helpful to sign up to ‘yatterbox’, and to select ‘alerts’
- then one needs to think of a subject for the 'alert' - not easy! Try 'MEP' or 'European Parliament elections'.

Undoubtedly it will be very difficult to know which candidate  to choose on May 22nd.
Most British Citizens beyond the UK will be quite at a loss with almost zero information at hand to help.
THE EU Presidency
There will be some televised debates concerning the election from the ‘lists’ of a President of the EU, notably on 15 May. This should be broadcast by the BBC and it is expected that most speakers will speak in English. There will a previous one on May 9th.. The chairman will be English (Tony Barber of the Financial Times) but it is not clear how much is in English.
The following link helps to explain the above -,_2014

Action you can take.... Copy the material above with a covering note of introduction to the Minister responsible for Parliamentary Reform [I would value a copy - to ]
Greg Clark MP --
or to the Policy Support Officer  at the Cabinet Office (a civil servant who will forward your message)  ---