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Friday, March 13, 2015

I wonder why?

I Wonder Why?
I wonder why, as we grow old,                                       
They push us further from the fold,
'You've moved abroad', is oft the cry,
'and you want equal treatment! Why?'

'You live in France - expect the vote?'
Repeated with monotonous note.
The government just does not care
‘We have no interest in you there’.

Our generation has been the one
that's worked so hard but kept its fun,
its independence! and is not cowed
by Government that lies out loud.

Have they not the sense, the wit,
to see that we know wrong from 'rit'?
We have the weight of law onside,                        
Tho’ their own laws  are misapplied. 
Our politicians are the joke                                       
as they point fingers and they poke
with fun the citizen abroad
whilst they at home parade their fraud.

The old, the frail, need winter heat
They’re brushed aside by hearts  concrete.
'It’s hot in France' says he called Smith,
‘No fuel for you, it stops forthwith'.

‘Protect their benefits is the cry’
Cameron shouts it to the sky
Brits in Europe need not apply,
We’ll ignore them – they will die.

'All the taxes that they pay
we will use our own sweet way'
'So if you're old and feel the cold
Then more blankets you must unfold'

There is one place that hears our cry,
Our plea to Brussels, they’ll say 'aye'.
'You've earned it and you’ve paid your dues,
 Westminster lies, here’s some good news'.
Verses by D.T. (with a little assistance from BVC) Both OAPS in France still paying taxes  to the UK.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Messages to Citizens Abroad on the May election from the United Kingdom Political Parties.

Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, The Green Party and the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Over the month of February (2015) all five Nation-wide Parties have been requested to State their policy towards Expatriates.
This request has been made four times by the Campaign for Votes for Expatriates and several times (by phone and email) by the journal The Connexion.
The third time of asking was elaborated and is HERE attached to this mailing - It states reasons why Citizens Abroad should have political representation. 
The fourth time of asking was more abrupt.
The Conservative Party replied at the first request to both The Campaign and The Connexion. Three others replied later to The Campaign. The messages are given below in order of their reception.
The Liberal-Democratic Party has not replied.
All the four who replied were sent a draft of this mail so that, if they wished, they could modify their message
Email addresses of the authors of the replies are given below to three of the messages. You may wish to comment or question further. If so, you can respond to them.
The sender of this mail is only relaying these messages and offers no opinion on their content.
    Please recirculate to your own groups and of course friends and relatives in the UK.
Messages from the Parties

The Conservative Party is making a manifesto commitment to protect the civic rights of British citizens living overseas. Millions of British Citizens live and work across the globe. Many have worked hard and contributed to Britain all their lives, continue to pay tax in the UK and have close family living in Britain.
Like many other countries, the UK continues to protect British citizens living abroad with its military, Embassy network, and passport and other services. However, Britain currently restricts the rights of these citizens to vote in General Elections. The last Labour Government reduced the amount of time that British citizens living overseas were entitled to register to vote in UK General Elections to just 15 years. This is just one of many mistakes that they made.   
If the Conservative Party wins the next General Election, we will remove this cap and extend it to a full right as a British Citizen to vote in British elections for life.
Authorship email Mitchell Cohen ----

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)
We believe passionately everyone should exercise their democratic right to vote, including expats who still cherish their fundamental ties with Britain.
Issues that UKIP passionately champions are equally relevant overseas. None more so than the EU. Some 70% of UK law, and no doubt the proportion of legislation made in other EU countries where expats may live, is now made by Brussels, by unelected bureaucrats. Our democracy and that of the 27 other member states, has been seriously compromised by EU membership and by a power hungry elite who are more interested in expansionism than serving the people. The economies of many Eurozone countries are in a catastrophic mess, with rising unemployment, plummeting house prices and increasing discontent among a disenfranchised public.
People often raise the argument that if the UK pulled out of the EU, many expats living abroad would be forced to return or would be cut off, without support. How ridiculous! British expats by and large take business abroad, they move abroad with money, or they retire somewhere with better weather. They are rarely competing with the country's young people for work, or emigrate for more favourable welfare benefits. Equally a vast number of expats are in Australia, which has never been part of the EU.
UKIP actually wants a new, changed and better Britain, which is forward looking and global in attitude. Not shackled to an outdated and failing economic and political project from the 1950s that has done more to damage the economy, our democracy and the global reach of the country. Any Brit, wherever they live, that believes in Britain, should back UKIP as the real party for the future.
Authorship email  Alexandra Phillips -----

“We are actively considering a commitment that all pensioners living abroad receive the same pension and annual pension increase as those living in the UK.”

“We will release further details in our General Election manifesto”.
Authorship:-  the Green party representative  declined to accept mails on this issue.


As you know, British expats who have been resident and registered to vote in the fifteen years prior to an election are eligible to vote in elections for the UK Parliament and the European Parliament as long as they are registered as an overseas voter.

We appreciate that there have been calls for this 15-year rule to be relaxed or abolished in Britain and that this is supported by some expats who are currently unable to vote in UK elections or are at risk of losing their right to vote in upcoming elections. We also recognise that a number of other countries do allow permanent voting rights for expats.

The voting rights of British citizens is, of course, an extremely important issue and we agree this should be looked at carefully. As you say in your letter, a Ten Minute Rule Bill - the UK Overseas Voters (15 Year Rule) Bill - has been introduced to Parliament and proposes to legislate for permanent voting rights for British expats. The Bill is now scheduled to receive its Second Reading in the House of Commons on 6th March.

Labour hopes this Bill will provide an opportunity for the House of Commons to debate this issue and consider the merits and demerits of the current 15-year rule.

We also believe we need to do more to encourage all citizens - expats and those registered in the UK - to register to vote. It is welcome that the Electoral Commission has set a target of getting 100,000 more overseas voters registered before the next General Election. The introduction of online registration also means it is now easier than ever for Brits abroad to register to vote. It remains important, though, that the Government continue to look into other ways of engaging British citizens abroad to register and participate in elections.

Authorship email  A Williams office of Ed Miliband,

No reply has been received from the Liberal-Democrats. 

1,  On the 6th March (2015) Mr. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP is launching in Parliament the second reading of his 10 minute Bill to remove the 15 year limit on Voting by Overseas Citizens. (Overseas Voters 15 year rule Bill) to view go here ---
2. To Register to vote go here

Brian Cave

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dishonesty by the British Government

The Lies of Government.
The Winter Fuel Payment.
Below:--- Temperature Forecast published by the University of Maine for February 9th.         
 Blue to dark blue  - freezing.
How can any intelligent person accept the lies perpetrated by Iain Duncan Smith and the Department of Work & Pensions –[DWP]?
  • O.K. The Winter Fuel Payment (instituted under Gordon Brown) was ill conceived
  • O.K.  The WFP needs reform.
  • O.K. The UK Government needs to cut back on benefit fraud and waste.
Is the way to do it to cut the payment for pensioners in France - Duncan-Smith and Osborne say that FRANCE is a hot country! and Spain even more so - Italy, they say is a cold country!
Utter bollocks! 
Are they honourable?
  • to target the weak? – I know of an aged couple living on £12,000 a year.
  • to target those who cannot vote?  We have no adequate representation in parliament and no vote at all if you survive for 15 years after leaving the UK.
  • To LIE – to distort  the facts –  the deception whereby someone knowingly makes false representation, which is fraud?
  • To break EU treaty law with the EU which enables pensioners to move to the continent to get another experience in life away from overcrowded southern England where housing is so expensive. Summers are often Hot – But WINTERS can be far colder than the UK. Treaty law demands that the Pensioners abroad (over 3.5%) in the EU are treated as those still resident in the UK. 
Ignorance and lies brings dishonour on the Government.
A petition has been sent to the European Union  Parliament– It will take years perhaps  to see that justice is done and the British Government corrected.
The Statutory Instrument 2014/3270 signed by Steve Webb (Minister of State of the DWP) must be annulled.
MPs must be encouraged to sign  the Early Day Motion 695  which can annul the SI 2014/3270 BEFORE the 9th February.
The EDM 695 was tabled by a few honourable MPs
Together TWENTY  honourable MPs have signed (to Feb 5th).  Very many more are needed.
If you can support the British Pensioner abroad... Then Forward this mail to your last constituency MP-  EVEN IF YOU CANNOT VOTE.
Always remind the MP that you are a constituent – even if you have lost your vote.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Liars - Damned Liars and benders of the truth - & the Department of Work & Pensions

There are Liars, Damned Liars, and the manipulation of statistics 
by the UK Dept of Work & Pensions
encouraged by the Daily Mail
Truth about Winters in Europe –
British Elderly Citizens in Europe are Cold. Cold cold…..

Just as I was yesterday, I am typing Emails sitting up in bed. I am  fully clothed in three jumpers, two pairs of trousers and a track suit.  My dear husband, similarly dressed, is tucked up beside me
“I am having to survive on my pension of £5300 per year. I have several friends here who all get the allowance (THE WFP) – note she did not.
when we arrived in France aged 60, we were in good health.  However, as the years go on, many of us are beset by various illnesses and the frailty of old age.  I have had several operations and many investigations in hospital for various internal and ophthalmic problems.  My husband had a hip replacement three years ago and two other operations since then.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago, for which he is being treated with chemotherapy.   I am, of course, at the age of 77, his only carer.  To read more go to

France and Spain and of course the rest of Europe are frequently colder than Britain in Winter . Britain ‘enjoys’ the warming effect of the Gulf Stream
See this map for 3.00 a.m. on the 30th December 2014
(map complied at the Climate Unit- the University of Maine – published every day)

What follows is an edited form of a deeper analysis of the manipulation by the DWP, of the true statistics by a colleague Roger Boaden – The original is here
The untruths of the Dept of Work and Pensions.
The DWP claim that France and Spain are HOT countries in the winter!
The Daily Mail reports and relishes, nay even gloats over the plight of British Citizen Pensioners in France and Spain  - visit
How the DWP promotes its untruths.
The UK’s Met Office produced a report (Dec 2012) for the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), which listed temperatures for the countries identified above, as follows:
Ireland:                  5.5°C  
United Kingdom:    4.1°C               SW England:    5.6°C  
Italy:                      5.7°C  
France:                  4.9°C
France after
      Adjustment:      7.0°C   + including tropical island temperatures from Caribbean & Indian Ocean
Spain:                    7.2°C
Spain after
      Adjustment:      7.3°C   + including the archipelago of the Canary Islands

[NOTE WELL -- all of the above listed temperatures fall below 8°C]

This figure of 8.0°C is significant. A UK Government publication, ‘Cold Weather Plan for England 2014’ states the following:  ‘…. the negative health effects of cold weather start to occur at relatively moderate mean outdoor temperatures (5-8°C depending on region), and days at these temperatures occur much more frequently than days where the temperature is 2°C or less.’  And then the Cold Weather Plan goes on to say:  ‘Heating your home to at least 18°C is particularly important if you have reduced mobility, are 65 and over, or have a health condition, such as heart or lung disease. Having room temperatures slightly over 18°C could be good for your health.’

So how come some countries have been declared ‘Hot’?

The statements in above cited official UK Government Publication are clear - if you have outdoor temperatures of less than 8°C, then you need indoor heating to the level of 18°C!  That same assessment concerning risks to health must surely be applicable for ALL British Pensioners wherever they may live!

Not it seems, a view shared by the DWP!  Ministers have declared France and Spain as ‘hot’ countries where elderly British Pensioners do not need heat during the winter months.  The word ‘hot’ is just not true. The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, have both made statements concerning the Winter Fuel Payments, which said: “… people in hot countries will no longer get it. It is, after all, a payment for winter fuel.”  How do you heat a home without winter fuel?  The elderly in France and Spain and further off in Europe need winter heating!

So, how is Winter defined?

The DWP decided that the temperatures they have used, had to be based on their definition of winter of 1 November to 31st March - 151 days - instead of the normal definition of winter, which is recognised right across the World as December to February (DJF) - 90 days. One quarter of the year

DWP has classified as ‘hot’ an average winter temperature of 7.0°C covering the complete period of 151 days.  In order for such a level of average temperatures to be realised, there will be many days on which temperatures fall well below that level of 7.0 degrees during five months!  And, as a direct consequence, the overall average is in fact increased, making it appear warmer.

What lies behind this decision of the DWP?
Is it not obvious, that the policy objective of Iain Duncan Smith, was to remove Winter Fuel Payments from the maximum possible number of British Pensioners. British Pensioners are British Pensioners, wherever they may live, and they should all be treated in exactly the same way, and with an equality of care!

British Expat Pensioners are a far too easy a target for Ministers to attack, and we can see from the sustained policy over a period of two years, how Ministers and officials sought to denigrate them.  Newspapers like the Daily Mail have been only too happy to run headlines which poke fun and sneer at those who have chosen to live in places which will give them a few more hours of sunshine in their twilight years.  And anyway, not all British Pensioners live on the Mediterranean - the majority live inland and with substantive regional differences, they experience some pretty severe weather from time to time.  Iain Duncan Smith and his colleagues at the DWP have used, what can only be described as a deceitful and cruel policy, to achieve their objectives!

As a result, they have breached the rights of British citizen choosing to live elsewhere in the European Union, under the EU Regulation 883/2004, and are in contravention of Judgments of the CJEU in Newton (C-356/89) and in Stewart (C-503/09).
This is discrimation against British Citizens on the basis of falsified country wide average temperatures (achieved especially in the case of France by incorporating temperatures of tropical islands).  A temperature discrimination is not used for residents in the UK.  Therefore there is no uniformity of treatment across the EU for the British Pensioner citizen.   The UK Government is grossly discriminating in its treatment of its own nationals.  That many who reside in upland and inland areas of several countries are left to go without.  They appear to be of no concern to the British Government.

What  can you do to help – Tweet or retweet this.
Tweet to Matt Chorley the author of the Daily Mail article.  @MattChorley
Post on Facebook.

Write to or send this item to  your MP addresses are at
To the DWP [Iain Duncun Smith] –
As a guide to find MPs and MEPs use your last post code in the UK.