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*Representation of BRITISH CITIZENS*
**Read why all expatriates should be represented at Westminster
and why it is absolutely vital for those who live in the EU.**
Were the British Public to vote the UK out of the EU an abyss could open under expatriates in the European Union. They would not be consulted - Unless The British citizen gets to VOTE.. 

2. Read and Act - Please.  
Originated by the Editor of The Connexion, France
*This activity has created a large number of articles and some radio interviews around the world - they are listed here. *

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why people don't want to bother to vote.

Written Evidence to the Committee for Political and Constitutional Reform

Here I will address the question
Why do so few British Citizens Abroad register to Vote?

1.  A blunt answer is because they cannot see any point in so doing.
So --- “Why do they not see any point in so doing?”

Answer because they feel that very few politicians take any interest in them.

2.  Why do so few  politicians take little interest in the Citizen Abroad?
Answer  - The MPs are based in UK Constituencies and that is their prime concern. They cannot see why anyone living abroad would have much interest or connection with that constituency.  And they are right generally to take that point of view.

3.  The Citizens Abroad have various reasons for being concerned with British lawmakers, or British politics as it affects them and the British actions and influence in the World.  In short the actions of the GOVERNMENT but not politics at the local level.
Those with whom I communicate, those over retirement age, receive often ALL their income from Britain, many are taxed by Britain, all have exceedingly strong family and cultural ties to Britain. Most are  PROUD of being British .
They have needs and concerns which spring from the very position of being British in another country.  In the EU especially they see themselves as NOT living in a foreign land but in a extension of Britain into Europe.  There is in the EU a kind of nexus of nations, each with ties to another place though rooted in a land which is not that of their birth.  This ‘freedom of movement’ feeling is not understood, it would seem, by the politicians in Whitehall.  We see ourselves as Ambassadors of British Culture though this appears to be a fact unappreciated by the British politicians.

4. Thus there is a great sense of detachment from British Politics because the British Politicians ignores us, is frightened of us as a potential threat to their constituency, does not and cannot understand our feelings.  The Citizen Abroad feels that there is no point in voting for an MP who has no demonstrable interest in his situation.  We feel that we are perceived by various politicians and the media as deserters leaving the land of our birth.

5.  The very existence of  the 15 year limit on voting is a HUGE deterrent in itself to registering. If you know that the vote is going to be taken away after 15 years, then why bother to register before?  One feels the politicians don’t really want you anyway.

6.  One would like to see the possibility of a dialogue with an MP to whom one can relate. 
There ought to be channels of communication on matters of international treaties.  In the EU matters of social co-ordination are most important, yet we get the impression that the elderly Citizens Abroad are considered a nuisance, a  drain on the British economy.  When treaties are considered, what British civil servant or politician  has the knowledge to speak up for the impact on the British Citizen resident in the other country?  There appears to be no-one who can speak for us. 

7. The system whereby Citizens Abroad can only relate to the MP of their last constituency in the UK, results in a diluted conveyance of their thoughts and concerns so that nothing is concentrated in one representation.

1. Remove the 15 year limit. That will inspire some confidence!

Then at some little time later – hopefully not too long -
2. Establish MPs for the Citizen Abroad in a manner similar to France. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What would happen to the British CItizen if Britain left the EU?

A correspondent has kindly copied the following items from December 2014's French English language newspaper  "The Connexion".
They are very important.  Please circulate onwards.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Overseas Voting - Take ACTION!

Removal of the 15 limit on Registering to vote for British Elections.
It is important that you take action – see below

Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds is tabling a 10-minute Bill with the above objective on Tuesday December 2nd 2.45 p.m. House of Commons.  He will be supported by Sir Roger Gale and others.
In advance, on December 1st (room W1 House of Commons) there will be a press conference attended by Harry Shindler MBE, who expects to speak.
The House is normally fairly well attended on a Tuesday but we must try to assure that as many MPs are there as possible.
It would be a highly significant milestone if this presentation were to result in a change of law but it is also a necessary step in testing the opinion of MPs from all the major parties. 
The 15 limit on voting for expatriates is a huge deterrent to registering to vote.
The fact that very few expats register to vote is a huge deterrent to politicians to pass a bill removing the limit -
A classic chicken and egg situation.
Yet it costs nothing in labour, commitment, money to remove it – why is it not done? 
TAKE ACTION please to ensure a good attendance of MPs.
1.  Select email addresses of your ex-constituency MP from here

2.  Send this message to him/her/them. 
Encourage Overseas Voting    On Tuesday December 2nd Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, MP for The Cotswolds is tabling a 10-minute Bill with the above objective on at  2.30 p.m. House of Commons.  He will be supported by Sir Roger Gale and others. 
Please attend the House and support the removal of the 15 year limit on voting by British Citizens Abroad.
This limit is a massive deterrent to registration to vote. 
The removal will send a message of goodwill to the citizens abroad from the British Parliament – and reassure the citizens abroad that they are valued.

Take action 2. Persuade Friends and Relatives in the UK to send this  to their MPs.

The ten-minute rule Bills are one of the ways in which backbench MPs (private Members) can introduce legislation. However, the process is used more as a means of making a point on the need to change the law on a particular subject as there is little parliamentary time available. They mainly provide the opportunity for MPs to test Parliament's opinion on a particular subject.
The ten minute rule allows a brief introductory speech of no more than ten minutes and one of the same length opposing the motion to be made in the House of Commons after question time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the House is likely to be full. Not all Ten Minute Rule Bills are printed.
To register to vote go to..

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Message on Poppy Day - from Harry Shindler

Harry Shindler MBE 
this message to all Members of Parliament
Please will you do likewise?

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please CIRCULATE widely
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