Thursday, October 10, 2013

Referendum in/out Europe

The in or out referendum of the European Union
British expatriates could find themselves even more cut off from Britain.
Could the electorate in Britain cast one and a half million adrift in Europe?
Will Britain drift away from Europe?      
The majority of the  1.5 million Britons in continental Europe will not be able to vote in any in/out Europe referendum mounted in Britain.
If they could vote they could well ensure that Britain stays in Europe
If they can’t vote then the electors in Britain (and Britain alone) could vote Britain out of Europe.
David Cameron wants a Referendum in 2017 if he is re-elected. . 

Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor has tabled an amendment to the Referendum Bill  currently before Parliament    
If he succeeds then this referendum will take place next year in 2014.
And the chances of the Britons in Europe having any say at all just about vanish.

If you believe that this is anti-democratic and the Briton in Europe should vote then add your name to the petition below.
 Oddly - the Bill would give special dispensation for members of the HOUSE of LORDS to vote - but no consideration at all for the disenfranchised Briton Abroad.

The British National abroad who does so much promoting true British values abroad is made to feel a foreigner in his own land.

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  1. AS I understand it, if the UK votes to leave the EU then all expat pensioners living in another EU country would lose the right to free healthcare in that country and they would also lose the annual pension increase. All those not yet of retirement age and working in an EU country would no longer have an automatic right to work there and have to apply for work permits
    The major factor of the loss of healthcare to pensioners appears to be the fact that anyone with an existing health problem would never be able to afford medical insurance which covered the pre-existing condition