Sunday, June 29, 2014

The British Citizens the British Government ignores.

The British Minister for Europe [David Lidington]
Gave a speech in Berlin on 25 June 2014.
Mr. Lidington’s speech elaborates on the relationship between the National Governments and the EU Commission and the EU Parliament.
Below are five sentences from the speech which have significance for the democratic standing of British Citizens in the EU.
1.      We must recognise that it is national systems which enjoy greatest legitimacy with voters.
2.      We need to work within the grain of what people understand.
3.      And that is why we agree with those who are calling for a greater role for national governments in the Council and for national parliaments in the EU’s functioning. 
4.      National parliaments have significant expertise to bring to the legislative process, ensuring outcomes that are more relevant to communities by involving those who know them best – their representatives.
5.      National parliaments have a positive role to play, both sharing their expertise with EU institutions and helping citizens to feel connected with the EU.
Comment –
How can the British National Government claim to speak in the interest of all the British Citizens?
Concerning this 'positive' role national governments should play, the British Government  sets a very poor example in refusing its citizens full representation, including their national right to vote after they have lived 15 years in other EU member countries.
How is this helping such expatriate British citizens feel more connected with the EU, particularly if after 15 years they have no voice in any future referendum on UK membership?

A fuller quote including these five sentences and the full speech can be read via this link

What you should do – Send this to politicians in Westminster.
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