Sunday, December 4, 2011

On the Matter of Frozen Pensions

An article appeared in The Telegraph on  December 1st 2011by Leah Hyslop.
It is on the absurdity of the State (Old Age) pensions being frozen when paid to people who have retired abroad,  mostly to commonwealth countries.

Curiously, the issue was raised by the Runnymede Trust which is a think-tank on race relations. To discover more  - raise this link.

Before you switch off and say ‘This has nothing to do with me!’ stop and ponder.

1   It is fascinating that the matter of the Frozen Pensions is raised via particular concern for the Asian and West African people who immigrated to Britain to seek work up to forty years ago and who wish to retire back to the country of their birth. 
In contrast, any sympathy for the retired Britons descended ancestrally from resident British stock has not up to now achieved anything at all!   If the Runnymede Trust can achieve progress – then let us praise them.  But is it not a curious development?  But the Runnymede Trust is an influential body and it may well yield results where others have failed.

2   The major slant I draw on this is the power that comes through having a Voice.
The Runnymede  Trust is a respected body and possibly the Government will listen.

If only the Expatriates would rise up as a body and declare ‘We Want a Voice’,
Then the expatriates of all colours and creeds might achieve something. 
‘We Want a Voice’    can be interpreted as
‘We want Representation’   which can in turn be interpreted as
‘We want the Vote’ – for LIFE.

If the expatriates could somehow exercise pressure on the British Government, if only!
But they never will unless they stand together, and stand up for justice.

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