Sunday, November 27, 2011

British Pensioners Leave Britain yet again!

 Graphs of the pensioner citizens in Europe since 1973.

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Figures for MAY 2011 have been published by the Dept of Works & Pensions.
In spite of the recession and the huge drop in value of the £ the elderly Britons continue to leave.  Only the Commonwealth countries of Canada and Australia where the State pension is frozen has there been a fall in the number of resident pensioners.
The population in France has increased 1.5 %.  
The total outside of Europe has fallen by 0.04% . In the EU beyond Britain, it has increased by 0.04%.   The actual numbers of  pensioners who migrate are higher than they seem because one has to discount the numbers who die who are subtracted  in the total count and should be added in,because that number is replaced by new comers!
The top six nations in Europe for expatriate British pensioner citizens are.
Increases are in the last three months since February 2011 -note!
Ireland 123,210 increase of 1,020
Spain 102,000 increase of 840
France 54,980 increase of 810
Germany 38,130 increase of 330
Italy 37,900 increase of 110
Cyprus 17.61 increase of 130
Does anyone in the British Government ever ask why this migration is taking place?
Do they care?.