Thursday, October 20, 2011

Now Tunisians Vote

If you will, READ this item from the Guardian
I quote directly from the Guardian for Thursday October 20th 2011 (Lizzie Davies)

Tunisians abroad vote 'with hands trembling and tears flowing' At around 10pm Tunisian time - 8am in Canberra, Australia - Najia Oun made history. Walking into a polling booth and dropping a little piece of paper into a transparent ballot box, she became the first person to vote in her country's first ever free elections.
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Of all places in Canberra!  Canberra! The capital of Australia of all places where one million three hundred thousand British Citizen live and where very few of these British Citizens have the right to vote as British Citizens. The British Government denies this right of natural justice to its Citizens amongst the Nations.  The Comity of Fairness and Decency amongst the Nations is shamed by this outrageous, dictatorial attitude. Shame!
Britain is a Nation whose politicians walk on the World Stage pronouncing that democracy is to be brought to Libya, Egypt and indeed Tunisia, and all other 'errant' nation States and yet have the gall to deny it to their fellow citizens.   
Amongst these Citizens in Australia are 252,000 British Pensioners whose State Retirement Pensions are frozen by the British Government - That is to say- the Old Age Pension for which, through National Insurance Contributions throughout their working lives they thought they had paid.  Many of these pensioners left Britain to join their grown up families and grandchildren.  Is this such a crime, that they should be cast aside by the successive governments of a country for whom so many of them gave so much in conflicts and wars for the cause of freedom, democracy, and their country?
Will all Britons, young and old, rich or poor, Stand Up, Speak Out and add your names to these petitions?