Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Island syndrome of Iain Duncan Smith.

There is a sad debate in Britain.
Frankly - you can skip the following  links  and begin at the >>>*  unless you have a mind to explore the matter deeply.
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In Brief:-
It is all to do with whether EU nationals can immigrate into the UK and immediately claim social benefits at the expense of the UK.  Well they can’t.   EU nationals have to  be an ‘habitual resident’ to claim any benefits –  What is an ‘habitual resident’ is the deciding point!  Essentially it is one who has contributed to the British Society.
Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) said: "The EU settlement is supposed to protect the right of member states to make their own social security arrangements. But we are now seeing a rising tide of judgements from the European institutions using other legal avenues to erode away these rights, and we should be gravely concerned."
>>>* … IDS added: "As if this week's decision was not bad enough, we are also fighting increasing demands for the UK to pay benefits to those who have long since moved abroad, and who may never have made more than a token contribution to UK society."
There is a sad suppurating syndrome exposed in these misleading words, rampant in Britain.  It generates antipathy to those who have emigrated.   I would wish IDS to meet some of our British expatriate friends. All retired to France to explore new horizons.  They are all dependent on the UK Social Security system for their State Pensions.  France asks the UK to pay for their health care.  They are neither scroungers on France nor the UK.  But being long term contributors to the British Social Security system they deserve the support and recognition of THEIR  Government, which is the British Government.  If they deserve certain benefits as they grow older then they also should receive them now they live in Europe.
There is the chap who was grievously wounded at the age of ten, but with extraordinary courage developed a career in the construction trade.
There is the  ex-officer  of the army who served the UK throughout the world.
There is the fireman who had a career in service in the UK.
There is the schoolteacher who came to live near her daughter after retirement. She has an extremely small income. Now she is in her 80’s and because she emigrated before 1998 she does not receive the £300 Winter Fuel Payment (WFP)
There is the woman with a career as a district nurse in Norfolk.
There is the career policeman. He, because he came to France before obtaining the WFP in England also looses out on the WFP.

IDS! I ask of you .. Do these people, stalwarts of England, who promulgate the British culture in Europe not deserve the support of the British Government?
The antipathy in Britain towards those who have emigrated to Europe is a festering fungus which eats at the sensibilities of the resident British public.  Politicians who in any way nurture this fungus should be ashamed. Forgive them- Do they know what they are doing?

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