Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The future for The British Citizen if the vote should fall for Brexit.

The Prime Minister speaks forcibly to The Telegraph. Read

Mr.Cameron in the above speaks of Trade.  What is written below is from the viewpoint of a Citizen who was born in 1932.  I remember years of poverty before WWII  even as far back as the jubilee of King George V, the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II, when as a four year old I danced round a celebratory bonfire singing the song of  the Boy Scouts in charge ‘There may be flies on you you you, but the’re no flies on us”.   Within a few years those Scouts were fighting for European civilisation.
I voted in the Referendum of 1975 and knew quite well what we were voting for.
Since the terrible times of 1939-1945 much has changed.  I took advantage of the European Union to retire to live in France.  I celebrate the cementing of European Culture across the nation states.  During my time I have had more irritation with British bureaucratic intransigence than with the French.  What follows is a view of the problems facing those who would follow in our paths.
The Generations of British Citizens to come who might wish to live in other EU States.
Jobs.  Those seeking to be employed would have to obtain some form of work permit. Unskilled workers would find it extremely hard to establish themselves, if it were at all possible. Those wishing to set up businesses – perhaps as plumbers or other technical craftsmen would find it near impossible.
Money exchange – There would be no guarantee that State pensions would be paid without  change -  British Law – The Pension Act 2014 clause 20 - permits the Minister of DWP to freeze pensions paid to citizens who live abroad. The clause was included despite protests.
All money transfers -The individual EU States could impose a tax on money coming from the UK.  It has happened before. 
The British Government could impose ceilings on money going abroad – it has done so before – Mrs Thatcher removed such a ceiling.
Without the protection afforded by EU regulations nothing is certain.  This will be labelled scare mongering by Brexiteers – but what is certain is the uncertainty. If Brexit should fall, all would depend on negotiations between the UK and the other 27 States, taking years.
Uncertainty will cause the value of the £ to fall.
Possibilities of other restrictions.  With the lifting of the protection of the EU regulations, each EU State is able to act independently.  This opens the way for restrictions to be imposed on Bank accounts of foreigners or on their property or any other discriminatory taxes and laws, without any EU wide protection..  The incipient freedom to open UK based bank accounts and use UK financial institutions would falter.
Medical Care.  Again it is the EU regulation [883/2004] which establishes the right to provision of health care across the EU.  This is at two levels.
1. The European Health Insurance Card –EHIC .  This is issued by the citizen’s ‘Competent State’ for Social Security to all travellers within the EU and entitles such to any emergency treatment for visitors in another State. This would cease.
2. The treatment for resident pensioners and their dependents.  The Medical care is given as though one is a national of the State where the Citizen is resident but the cost of that is borne by the NHS. – (i.e the Social Security of the ‘Competent State’).
Visa requirements  As happens now with Americans who wish to reside in France et alia,  immigrants (for that is what future citizens would be) would be required to demonstrate financial stability. This can affect accompanying spouses and the visits of Family and Friends.  Visas often have time limits.
Citizenship.  The possibility of voting for and serving on local communal councils will cease.  British citizens will no longer be considered as normal members of the community. This will cause changes of approach at any public department where  public servants operate.
Border checks.  British Citizens would have to pass through NON-EU gates at the EU borders which would be likely to prove onerous with more detailed inspection.
Nationality British Citizens would cease to be European Citizens protected under EU law. They would be immigrants and foreigners. Britons living abroad could apply for nationality of  the country in which they reside, but it is an expensive and lengthy process and Austria does not permit dual citizenship. Surrendering British Nationality would be foolish.
Brian Cave with the help of Frank Jackson.