Sunday, November 17, 2013

Defenceless people - derided and lampooned

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This cartoon appeared in the Daily Mail.
You can visit the deplorable original here
A bigoted campaign, driven by the Daily Mail, and some other journals, certain internet forums and joined by shallow minded Politicians is exacerbating antipathy against British pensioners who have chosen to live abroad in Europe and further afield.  It reminds me of the early publicity campaigns in Germany in 1934, which derided and stereotyped innocent Jewish shopkeepers. They were scapegoats for the appalling austerity and inflationary economy of that Nation at that time.
The British pensioner, 70, 80, even 90 years old has little defence against a similar caricature today. Many fought for freedom against the Nazi machine to bring freedom to Europe. 

 See what he is doing now at 92.  Such a man echoes the true spirit of Britain, not the mean minded spirit that oozes from the cartoon.
Read from the following link about this aged man of HONOUR.
Consider again the spite generated against his age group by the Daily Mail and the cartoonist!
Does not your heart sink a little?

Throughout Europe and in Britain many active pensioners are volunteers in their communities. In Europe they spread the good qualities of Britishness.  Yet the Daily Mail is seeding and then feeding a hate against them, blaming the austerity on them. I never did imagine that any newspaper in Britain could perpetrate such tawdry yet dangerous rubbish.

One prays that the people of Britain will not be so easily led. But we have evidence enough that shallow bigoted minds even within the Government itself  is tending in that direction.   Read any cheap-minded forum site and you can read comments from residents in Britain damning those of us who have retired - even against those pensioners living in Britain. Their 'free' T.V.s and bus passes.

To the left is a picture of normal life of pensioners in winter in mid France.
We have at present the European Commission to protect us.  But let us be warned, if  Britain pulls out of the European Union, we are not safe from this insidious campaign against us and the distortion of the truth within Britain.
Do not assume that in Europe today your future is safe.  The British Pensioner today lives in mainland Europe because of treaties signed between the UK and the EU.  We can only be sure of our future if these treaties remain firm.   WE MUST be represented. We must take action.
The pensioners must Stand UP! and be counted -  They must not be so dishonoured.

What you and your friends can do...and what you do WILL make a difference

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