Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jon Danzig's World: Can’t vote or don’t vote?

Jon Danzig's World: Can’t vote or don’t vote?


  1. A very convincing argument. But tell me when I get to vote out the members of the EU Commission, who are the people who steer the EU's policies?

    1. The EU Commissioners are appointed by EACH of the member States.
      Therefore BRITAIN appoints certain Commissioners. The expatriate Briton should have the Right to influence the British Government.
      Visit to learn more.
      The EU Commission is equivalent to the British CABINET on a European scale.
      No-one elects members to the British Cabinet either. The Euro-Parliament has quite a few powers of election- The Democratic status of the MEPs is not strong enough Why? Because only 34% of the British electorate turned out to vote!!! The vote should/must be used!