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Cameron- EUROPE --- The British Citizen

Cameron – Europe  and the British Citizens who live in Europe.
           To Correspondents to Pensioners Debout!
Two political threads weave together –
A/.  Political Representation of the British Citizen abroad at Westminster – Their views must be heard!
B/.  Europe IN/OUT
Lord Lexden gave another well argued speech yesterday (23rd January)  in the House of Lords.  Lord Tyler softened his response and made some telling points on the need for constituencies for British Citizens abroad along the lines of the French system.  Lord Lexden is asked to set up a cross-party committee to examine the situation.  So we are a bit further forward. The cross party committee might even get us designated MPs like the French -eventually.
Yesterday also David Cameron gave his long-awaited speech.  He noted  ''Hundreds of thousands of British people now take for granted their right to work, live or retire in any other EU country." WHY does he not consult them/us? Give us Representation!
Cameron’s speech can be read here.
If Britain devolves from the European Union considerable problems could arise for all the 450,000 Pensioner British Citizens living in Europe outside Britain.
The affect on trade, to and fro, could affect most of the million plus Britons in Europe.
Few of these Britons have a political voice.  If a referendum comes about the voice of the Britons in Europe will not, as things stand, be heard.  THIS is not democracy!
There are ways of getting at the Conservative Party organisation to influence them.
1.  Link onto the following site -   
This is a form with boxes to tick (sort of opinion choices) – Near the base is a box for a postcode – In that you can put your country of residence [France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Cyprus etc,] and your local post code – They will not expect that!  Also give your email and tick for replies. It is also possible to ‘tweet’ a comment.
2. Write to an MP! And give them your opinion.  Addresses can be found here.

The opinion amongst the French on Cameron’s speech (as far as I can judge) is one of puzzlement.  They do not understand the complexity of the British political scene where popular opinion is driven by Farage, The Daily Mail, and The Sun.  The attitude appears to be "If you leave we are sorry, but there you go.'"
If Britain left the EU then the following could/would apply.
All rights accorded to British Citizens under EU laws would cease to apply. The four freedoms of movement of people, goods, services and capital would cease
One would no longer be European Citizens – passports would have to be changed.
Carte-de-Séjours would need to issued and these demand a minimum level of income.
No British Citizen would the have an automatic right to live in France. Those with little capital (trying to set up businesses?) could be asked to leave.
All the 450,000 British Pensioners would be most severely affected.
The State pension would be frozen.  Current legislation would expect it.
Medical subsidy support would cease.  (The Carte Vitale?)
The EHIC [European Health Insurance Card] would cease affecting all British travelers in Europe.
One would no longer have the vote for local commune councils, nor the right to be a local councillor.
Cross Border trade would be affected. Goods from abroad would revert to the practice before 1973.  The purchase of goods by internet could be taxed and subject to import duties. The situation would be the same as for goods imported from the USA, subject to custom duties.
The current relaxation of inheritance laws for European Citizens (although confused) would not operate for the British citizen.
Other nasties could arise.  For example, at one time the French imposed taxes on the import of money. 
At the moment the British Expatriate has no political voice.  The British Government must to take notice of the British Citizens in Europe and act in their interest.

Visit these links to get more information and to take action….
PETITION for the vote -  This needs 500 signatures a day to succeed!
To send your opinion to MPs at Westminster.

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