Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saga of the Winter Fuel Payment

The Saga of the Winter Fuel Payment

The attached letter (which see) was sent from the DWP to one of the correspondents of 'pensioners debout!'.
The very elderly couple who received this letter left Britain on retirement to France before 1998.  They have not received the WFP  because it did not exist at the time when they moved. The DWP have up to now claimed that under EU law only those who received it before leaving the UK should receive it!  The letter shows that the DWP is now thinking differently.
I know that this payment will help this couple immensely. 
This accomplishment results from the endeavours of David Burrage co-founder of the Spanish Expatriates Association.
My efforts have been minimal and I give all honour to those who can tackle  these matters.  I report the result.

If you would have received the WFP if you were living in the UK, then apply - all contact details are on the letter  head. The phone number is ++44 191 21 87777 if it is not clear to read.
Link on the letter to enlarge it and to return press escape.
ALSO - if you know (as I do) of retired brits who do not possess a computer and who also do not receive the WFP then talk to them and tell them.  There are quite a few who desperately need this cash and have no idea that they are losing out.
Further - 'Representation' The kind of progress above does not come without effort (we used to say 'with the milk').  It depends on people standing up for what is morally just!
Forces powered by journals like The Sun, The Mail and certain narrow thinking politicians act against our interest.  Without treaties signed between the UK  and the EU none of us could live freely in other European countries. The expatriate needs a dialogue with the home Government.  Gradually 'petit à petit' the UK has to take a full role in Europe.
It is for this reason vitally important that expatriates have full Representation to the British Government.  Please search the Index for postings on this topic and to discover what you can do.
look at.....
and to add your vote and comments go here>>
There are only a handful of people who are extremely active in any of these causes. They need the support of  the many Britons abroad.
There comes a time when all must stand against the antipathetic forces and stand for justice.  So that Britain can truly claim to be a democratic State and we Britons can hold our heads high and say 'we are proud to be British'.

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