Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Votes for Expatriates?

Below is an extract from Hansard sent to me by Mr. Harper, Parliamentary Secretary for Political and Constitutional Reform and also my representative in Partliament.  It appears, if opaquely, to be promising that a bill will be presented in Parliament giving votes to us - expatriates.
Do not hold your breath in waiting.  Yet this indicates a move forwards.  As I observed elsewhere on this site (please search via the Index)  the UK is almost alone in refusing to enfranchise the British Citizen in the EU for life!  
At present it ceases after 15 years.  I have had a several exchanges with Mr. Harper on this matter.
You may note that unless the law is changed we who live beyond the shores of the UK will be less favoured than prisoners in the jails of the UK, some of whom will undoubtedly get the vote soon.
If you feel you can add pressure for pushing this change forward, I give you Mr. Harper's address below.  I urge any correspondents to be always courteous.  It is too easy to allow angry impatience to colour one's words.
Mr. Mark Harper House of Commons London, SW1A 0AA
Mr Harpers email address is:-

It is important that you make known your feeling that we British deserve recognition. The French in the UK have votes... and the  Spanish.... Poles.... Italians....  ....   ....
We are overlooked in so many matters.. If we had the vote then we may be more considered.
By the way, the voting on the referendum about the Alternative Voting system is on May 5th.  This is open to all expatriates who have left the UK less than 15 years ago.

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