Saturday, March 5, 2011

Health in Europe

There is much more on this subject which can be accessed through CONCERN 1- which can be raised by going to the start of the blog under 'Concerns'.
 The EU Regulations which cover health are laid forth in the following regulations, which are here linked.

THE EU REGULATIONS:- The year of its formulation is given. The click note is the access point. They are all large and will take time to download.

1. The earliest EU Regulation 1408- date 1971, before the UK joined the EU in 1973. It lays down rules for Social Security. Click.

Each EU Regulation has a twin Implementing Regulation which states how the basic regulation is to be implemented.

2. Implementing Regulation for 1408-1971. 574-1972. click.

3. The above Regulation was modified, and superseded by 883- 2004. It was not brought into operation until May 1st 2010. Many ‘articles’ in the earlier regulation are copied in and some of the earlier are still operative. click

4. The implementing Regulation for number 3 above is 987-2009. click