Friday, September 24, 2010

Minister for European British Expatriates

Correspondence with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has been continuing.
Their reply to this this blog has been quite inadequate.
A long letter constructed after much thought was been posted by normal mail to David Lidington of the FCO and copied to Mark Harper MP Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform.  Mark Harper is also my own representative in Parliament.  The letter is long but can be viewed here - click.
(postscript) This letter had attached to it representations from expatriates relating to the manner in which they had been snubbed by British Members of Parliament.
This letter has not been answered nor even acknowledged.  This was drawn to the attention of my own MP again,  Still, it receives no answer (April 2011).

This correspondence is running parallel with that concerning health costs for pensioner expatriates in France to the Department of Health. q.v. here

Your comments on these matters are welcome

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