Monday, September 6, 2010

Health Costs (3) The legal position

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British Old Age Pensioners living in France should find the following correspondence on Health Costs interesting.

Here is the exchange of correspondence in August between 'Pensioners Debout' and the Department of Health London.

1, Letter from Pensioners Debout to DoH August 20th  2010.
view here.  This letter is of major significance. 
It states the full significance of European law which appears to make payments to 'mutuelles' in France unnecessary.
2. The above was in reply to a letter from the DoH of August 6th.
view here. 

You should understand that this correspondence is likely to go on for some time and could involve the EU Commission and even the European Court of Justice.  Clearly it is necessary that able legally trained people should pay attention to it.  It is probably beyond the competence of the junior civil servants of the DoH to tackle it. 
An instance like this demonstrates the necessity for a Minister for the British Citizen in Europe and for the ordinary citizen to exercise their political voice. Correspondence on this subject can be viewed via this link!

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