Friday, July 2, 2010


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A reader of this Blog has mounted on the Government website "RESTORING BRITISH LIBERTIES" the following request to repeal aspects of the Double Taxation Treaty between France and the UK which are not in our interests as pensioners resident in France who have ex-government pensions.  You can view his entry via this link following.

You can 'rate' the item and as I have,  you can add a comment to the site. You could add a comment about the absurdity of filling in tax forms for two countries! The loss of income because of it.  The unfair discrimination compared with others....   You need to 'register' on the site, and then 'log-in'. This is an easy process.  It asks for a part postcode Use part of your last postcode in the UKThis will be the location of your M.P.!
The statement unfortunately does not indicate that it is the Double Taxation convention between France and the UK which is the offending agreement.  Confusion has already occurred with the Spanish agreement. It is on the whole the implementation of the convention by the French which is the cause of the problem.  Article 19 is at the root of it all.  EITHER this article should be abolished OR the French forced to accept that no  mention of Government Pensions is made on any tax return.  Any comments you make can refer to these points.

The statement by the reader 'rodcreuse' reads:-

Under the Double Taxation Agreement, UK Public service Pensioners - teachers, nurses, police officers, are forced to pay UK tax on their pensions, irrespective of where they live in the EU. Private pensioners pay tax in the country they live in, usually at lower tax rates.

This is unfair discrimination and is a limit on the freedom to move within the EU
Why the contribution is important

The EU consitution guarantees freedom of movement for citizens in the EU. This Agreement limits that movement by making it financially less attractive for UK Public Service pensioners to move within the EU compared with private pensioners.

It is also contary to natural justice. Why should one's tax liablity depend on one's previous employer?

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