Friday, July 9, 2010

Civil Liberties (two)

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This posting is now only of archival interest

July 2010
This concerns the UK Government new web site.
To visit it go to….
The new coalition government has instituted this site to glean the thoughts of the public. It is a kind of follow on from the Blair government petition site. No doubt it has much the same defects… quite a few idiotic ideas and quite a few which have not been thought through clearly. Nevertheless it shows a good intent! 

1. As I reported in an earlier posting, one of the readers of this blog-site has put forward thoughts on the Double Taxation Convention. It expresses the concerns indicated on this site. It signposts the concern but it needs clarification. There are many dozens of Double Taxation Conventions between the UK and all kinds of nations. It is not clear that the posted item refers to the France/UK Convention. But I have given it a 5 star rating.
2. More recently I have myself also mounted an item. This relates to the issue of the lack of expat voting for the UK parliament. There are several other items posted by others with a similar theme. It is clearly a nagging issue for quite a few people.

Observations can be added to the posted items on the Government web-site. One must suppose that the Government Ministers will take serious comments seriously. Supportive comments would be welcome.

I can report that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Health are, at a senior level, examining the ideas put forward on this blog-site. These ideas concern Health costings and the possibility of a Minister for the Expatriate Citizens in Europe.