Sunday, April 12, 2015

British Pensioners - Emigration.

The figures for August 2014 have just been published..
The table condenses the movement of the last three years. The  countries with a * do not have the UK pensions frozen.  A blue background indicates members of the EU. 
Further on is a graph of the movement towards EU countries.
The table is ‘sorted’ in order of the countries which have received the greatest number of immigrants down to the most withdrawal.  Note that Ireland has had the greatest number of recipients. In Ireland of course English is spoken – they can vote for the Irish Government and in effect can easily be assimilated. 
France and New Zealand come next  .  Although the UK pension  is frozen in NZ, the NZ Government awards a Social Security support and accepts the UK N.I. history as a basis for such payments.  

The fall in the number receiving the British Pension in Australia and Canada (and S.Africa.?) must be in part due to the Frozen Pension condition.  The small increase in India may have something to do with the rapidly increasing standard of living there and the affluence of returning Indians from the UK?   Jamaica on the other hand is a poor country?
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