Friday, March 13, 2015

I wonder why?

I Wonder Why?
I wonder why, as we grow old,                                       
They push us further from the fold,
'You've moved abroad', is oft the cry,
'and you want equal treatment! Why?'

'You live in France - expect the vote?'
Repeated with monotonous note.
The government just does not care
‘We have no interest in you there’.

Our generation has been the one
that's worked so hard but kept its fun,
its independence! and is not cowed
by Government that lies out loud.

Have they not the sense, the wit,
to see that we know wrong from 'rit'?
We have the weight of law onside,                        
Tho’ their own laws  are misapplied. 
Our politicians are the joke                                       
as they point fingers and they poke
with fun the citizen abroad
whilst they at home parade their fraud.

The old, the frail, need winter heat
They’re brushed aside by hearts  concrete.
'It’s hot in France' says he called Smith,
‘No fuel for you, it stops forthwith'.

‘Protect their benefits is the cry’
Cameron shouts it to the sky
Brits in Europe need not apply,
We’ll ignore them – they will die.

'All the taxes that they pay
we will use our own sweet way'
'So if you're old and feel the cold
Then more blankets you must unfold'

There is one place that hears our cry,
Our plea to Brussels, they’ll say 'aye'.
'You've earned it and you’ve paid your dues,
 Westminster lies, here’s some good news'.
Verses by D.T. (with a little assistance from BVC) Both OAPS in France still paying taxes  to the UK.