Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dishonesty by the British Government

The Lies of Government.
The Winter Fuel Payment.
Below:--- Temperature Forecast published by the University of Maine for February 9th.         
 Blue to dark blue  - freezing.
How can any intelligent person accept the lies perpetrated by Iain Duncan Smith and the Department of Work & Pensions –[DWP]?
  • O.K. The Winter Fuel Payment (instituted under Gordon Brown) was ill conceived
  • O.K.  The WFP needs reform.
  • O.K. The UK Government needs to cut back on benefit fraud and waste.
Is the way to do it to cut the payment for pensioners in France - Duncan-Smith and Osborne say that FRANCE is a hot country! and Spain even more so - Italy, they say is a cold country!
Utter bollocks! 
Are they honourable?
  • to target the weak? – I know of an aged couple living on £12,000 a year.
  • to target those who cannot vote?  We have no adequate representation in parliament and no vote at all if you survive for 15 years after leaving the UK.
  • To LIE – to distort  the facts –  the deception whereby someone knowingly makes false representation, which is fraud?
  • To break EU treaty law with the EU which enables pensioners to move to the continent to get another experience in life away from overcrowded southern England where housing is so expensive. Summers are often Hot – But WINTERS can be far colder than the UK. Treaty law demands that the Pensioners abroad (over 3.5%) in the EU are treated as those still resident in the UK. 
Ignorance and lies brings dishonour on the Government.
A petition has been sent to the European Union  Parliament– It will take years perhaps  to see that justice is done and the British Government corrected.
The Statutory Instrument 2014/3270 signed by Steve Webb (Minister of State of the DWP) must be annulled.
MPs must be encouraged to sign  the Early Day Motion 695  which can annul the SI 2014/3270 BEFORE the 9th February.
The EDM 695 was tabled by a few honourable MPs
Together TWENTY  honourable MPs have signed (to Feb 5th).  Very many more are needed.
If you can support the British Pensioner abroad... Then Forward this mail to your last constituency MP-  EVEN IF YOU CANNOT VOTE.
Always remind the MP that you are a constituent – even if you have lost your vote.

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