Saturday, November 1, 2014


and the deception by the Department of Works and Pensions.
 Below in this mail are two links to documents compiled by one of our team of fighters for democratic justice for British Expatriates - In this instance those of us who are retired and are Resident in Europe.
Roger Boaden M.B.E. (the author)  has had a career working in the Conservative Central Office, London.    Roger organised and managed 3 General Election Campaign Tours for Sir Edward Heath, and 3 for Lady Thatcher, between 1970 and 1987.  Quite clearly Roger knows the workings of the political system in Westminster from the inside.  He now lives in retirement in  the Haute-Vienne.
The first attachment  link is a letter addressed to Steve Webb MP - Minister of State for Pensions,
The second is a further exposure of the manipulation of statistics by the Department of Works and pensions under the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith.  It particularly draws attention to the anomaly of, and blindness of the DWP to the
situation in, Ireland in comparison to the other States of the European Union.

Mailed on behalf of the Campaign
It is so important that as many of us as possible take action in these matters. You can copy and send this mail - down to the ***asterisks**** -and add some preamble of your own to your/some MP at Westminster.
Roger is of course sending his documents to selected politicians by email and also by letter post.
The addresses of politicians are to be found here --