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British Old Age Pensioners and their emigration to August 2012

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The rise in the number of British Old Age State Pensioners [BOAPs] in Europe beyond the UK continues. Other changes occur world-wide.
It is to be expected that British politicians should be interested in the subject of the emigration of British Pensioners.  There is a large ‘constituency’ of British Citizens abroad, of whose needs and aspirations most MPs and the Government appear to be unaware.
The latest statistics for AUGUST 2012 are published.
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Graph for some larger countries in Europe from 1973 is:----

The total global number of  BOAPs is 12,798,530
The total number abroad is                  1,203,690  which is 9.40% of the total
 i.e. nearly 1 in 10 pensioners live outside the UK
The total number who live in Europe [EU+EEA+*see note] beyond the UK is 455,950
which is 3.56% of the total. i.e. over 3 in a 100  live in the EU/EEA beyond the UK. i.e over one third of the pensioners abroad live in the EU/EEA.
* note – including  a few in Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia which might well join the EU, to which some BOAPs are emigrating.

Changes in Demography.
The percentage of those living abroad (about 9.4% plus) has increased very little in the past two years.  But  there are significant movements in some regions.
In Europe during the year August  to August 2011-2012 the yearly increase has slackened but not stopped, The percentage of BOAPs in the  EU/EEA (in relation to the total global number of BOAPs) is more or less static. But the actual number has increased by 4380!  France has seen the greatest inflow of British Pensioners.
Note:- Switzerland and the Netherlands have the fastest growing % number of  BOAPs.
Australia and Canada and S.Africa
The chart here (n.b. of numbers between  May 2011 and August 2012 – fifteen months)  indicates a shrinkage of  numbers. The drop is particularly higher in Canada.  One might well argue with good reason that the frozen pensions which apply to these countries has some affect.
Jamaica and Pakistan  The BOAPs number has also dropped.  Jamaica does not  have a frozen pension regime.  Possibly the ‘Windrush’ generation, many of whom may have retired ‘back home’ has exhausted itself , and the next generation has not the desire to retire to that island. 
A similar argument might apply to Pakistan, but the troubles in Pakistan might also be a deterrent.
India and New Zealand.
Both of these countries have ‘frozen pensions’ yet their BOAPs number are rising.  Both are countries ‘on the up’, successful.  N.Z. is the most ‘English/British’ of countries beyond Europe.  Both countries have English as a current language.  
[Notes on table :- blue background = EU/EEA  -- *star = pensions NOT frozen.}

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