Friday, July 6, 2012

Winter Fuel Payment - Latest news 8th August 2012

This item is updated on the 8th August 2012.
Since writing the piece below on the 6th July some movement has taken place.
 A correspondent aged 80+ and who retired to France before 1998 and who has up to now not received the WFP has been informed by the DWP that they are eligible - as long as they can demonstrate  an established relationship to the British Social Security system. 
I am informed that more information is available on the Spanish Expatriate Association site.

The SUN published the following recently.

Is this item correct?  Though it would seem certain that the Winter Fuel Payment should be available to all elderly Britons in receipt of the State Pension and who are totally dependent on the United Kingdom for their social security - wherever they live in the European Union or EEC, the consent by the British Government is still not clear.
The Direct Gov. web site  is still saying that one has to have received the WFP in the UK before one can receive it abroad in Europe.  The EU law seems to say otherwise.
I am asking questions in Westminster as to the present position. I have searched the EU judgements to see if anything more clear has been said but have so far got no information.  
It would seem to be the case that Whitehall is dragging its heels.
Any person who is in the situation, that they would be qualified to receive the WFP were they to live in the UK should claim it now, and keep note of all correspondence.

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  1. I love the bit in the article where we are referred to as 'tax-dodging'. I pay tax in France AND the UK - hardly 'dodging'

    Rodney Sabine