Friday, August 26, 2011

Old Age Pensioners leave Britain!

The Emigration of Old Age Pensioners.

August 2011
The latest figures on the geographical distribution of British State pensioners have been published – for February 2011.
It is extraordinary that the total number of State pensioners between November 2010 and February  2011 fell by 15640. This number will be the difference between the number who died in excess of the new generation of  pensioners during that time.   But this figure is at first sight perplexing when we learn that the total number of pensioners resident in Britain fell by 17890!  There is  2250 missing!
The explanation is that the 2250 emigrated.
If we go back to a comparison of the full year between February 2010 and February 2011, then we find that the number of pensioners living abroad increased by 18,240.  The total global increase was 86,040.  It would seem that about 1 in 5 pensioners are emigrating!  The actual  figure of those who emigrated during this year is actually higher than 18240 because one must add on the number of pensioners who replace those who have died abroad. 
Between February 2010 and February 2011 the number of British State Retirement  Pensioners (OAPs) increased by 86,040 from 12,487,070  to 12,573,110.
The number living in the UK increased by 67800 from 11,323,590 to 11,391,390.
That is to say 9.3% of all State pensioners live abroad. 
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In spite of the recession and a decrease in the rate of emigration - the pensioners are still leaving!
It is interesting reading.
What is wrong with a country when so many pensioners want to leave it?  Is it the same reason why so few pensioners abroad are concerned about voting? 
Should not all UK Governments stand back and ask 'What have we done wrong?'

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