Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 OAPs migration (also see updates- via Index)

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British Old Age Pensioner Statistics for February 2010 have been published (August 2010).
The inexorable proportional rise continues.
The  % of OAPs living outside the UK world wide has risen to about 10% from 9.3% in 2009. [1,163,480 out of 12,487,070]
0.79% of all OAPs live in Spain, where there are now over 99,000.
France has now over 51,000.
Now over 9.3% of all OAPs live in Europe beyond the UK.
These demographic changes must surely bring about political changes. 
The link to this heading  gives access to the latest circular from the Public Services Pensioners Council about reduced future increases in public pensions as a consequence of the emergency budget of June 2010.

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