Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 March letter to Political Parties - click!
March  27th postcard acknowledgement received from The Conservatives. 'contents noted'.  Umph!
March 29th Nick Clegg (LibDems) report in The Telegraph says he does NOT support the vote for expats. Can this really be true?
No reply from the Labour or LibDem parties.
Previously in February 2009 (a year ago!)  an open letter was posted to all three Political Parties
The replies 
March 6th 2009- first reply Labour Party (click) - Oh dear!.
March 28th 2009 from   LibDems.
(click) - This reply does not answer any of the points presented. It confuses the issue of frozen pensions which applies to pensioners in Australia etc. It displays a lack of knowledge and real interest in the expatriate European British citizens. Sad!
April 1st 2009 (acknowledgement) from the Conservative party. Oh dear!
However, the Conservative view on Voting problems - See article under Concern Two.
At heart, do any give a damn?
Please write yourselves - the addresses are on the recent letter.  
You can copy the open letter given here if  you wish and/or refer to the blog-site.

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