Thursday, December 23, 2010

How the British Government treats its citizens abroad!

The email below sent to the blog, displays the frustration ON THREE COUNTS OF a world weary aging lady.

"It is sods law. I did several years back tried to get a new bank account in the UK as I was not happy with Barclays. I tried HSBC, Co-op, and Nationwide. All of these I have had accounts with. [ 1. Cannot open a bank account in the UK]
I was told that 'you can not open an account without a UK address’, by all of them.
I was astounded as my brother in law had his accounts in Ireland when he lived in the UK and the reverse when he moved to Ireland. It was so long ago I threw the paperwork.
The MP for my old UK constituency is Desmond Swayne.
I don’t suppose he's much interested as I do not live in the UK and cannot vote as I left in 1987. [2. Cannot get proper representation – NO VOTE!]
I find it amazing actually that here, in my immediate area, there are people who get the WFP.
I was told I could not get it.
Funny thing is that the people who do get it, do not have to survive just on the state pension!!!!! [3. NO justice over the WINTER FUEL PAYMENT!]
My bank here previously told me that if I brought my money in by direct debit; I would have no charges.
This turned out to be untrue. One has to have your pension sent direct to your bank here to have no charges. BUT my pension is not enough. You have to have £400 to qualify (per month)
They get you every which way!!!"

Is it not utterly deplorable that the British Government allows this to come about, connives at such disregard for, treats so – an ageing British citizen within EUROPE!
 (Gordon Brown - had he a conscience?  David Cameron - do you care?)