Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Circulated Message from Roger Gale M.P. on DLA payments

This message from Roger Gale MP has been sent to all MPs with constituents concerned about the non payment of Disability Living Allowance.

Exportable Benefits - update
As a colleague with a constituent interest in the issue of exportable benefits I felt that I should circulate the present position.

Infringement proceedings against the UK Government for breach of the ECJ ruling were issued at the beginning of October.

The Commission does not accept the "26/52" ruling in relation to qualification.

I still await the Prime Minister’s promised written answer to my oral PQ and subsequent letter.

The government has declined, on grounds of confidentiality, to publish its response to the EU.

Some 2000 (we believe) former elderly and disabled former UK residents and taxpayers are awaiting payment of the benefits due to them.

It would appear that appeal hearings, long-delayed, have now been put on hold pending (1) a resolution of the infringement proceedings and (2) the subsequent hearing of a basket of test cases.

All of which is not very satisfactory!

Yours ever

Roger Gale, MP
North Thanet

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