Sunday, September 27, 2009

Voting,Euros, Care, and the UK Parliament

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Years ago I visited Auschwitz.  The images have frequently been recalled.  From time to time with a grisly image in my mind I say 'The British expatriate would meekly be led to Auchswitz imagining that the laws are just'.  That same Bristish expatriate is allowing themselves or their fellow citizens to be abused here and there in so many small ways.  'It is not my problem!' they would say.  'I do not want to vote.'  Let the £ drop; let my fellow citizens go hungry; let me be restricted in my home country; let my children suffer in the educational system of England; let the teachers in retirement in France be overtaxed; let the aged who would wish to retire to Europe be financially hard-hit; let us be non-citizens in the wider Europe.
Britain in Europe?  Envisage the Future!  Britain it seems, flutters its eyelids towards America.  Is it so important for Gordon Brown to butter up Obama?  The British nation  turns its back on Europe.  The residents of the UK are hardly conscious of Europe and it seems are increasingly euro-sceptic.  Yet Europe grows daily more powerful.  Britain straddles Europe and the USA.  The USA
only respects Britain if Britain has a major role in Europe.  YET Britain stands outside the euro-zone. DISASTER!  It will sink doing 'the splits' painfully between Europe and the USA.   Do not we all see the effect of this blinkered policy all around us.  Some retired expats are being forced into poverty.  Every retired expat is watching their expenditure.
WHY this disaster?  Because Britain is the only major European nation not to have linked its currency to the Euro [Sweden is the only other exception].  It could have taken the same approach as Denmark, where the krone is linked to the Euro.  The inward facing UK population would never have noticed.
Now to change tack a little and view other aspects of British Life.  One wonders why so many 'asylum seekers' crowd to the shores of France to seek entry to Britain?  Why?  To learn English? I doubt it. A frequent suggestion is to to benefit from the NHS and benefits system; but is that true?  Will the NHS by being free to everyone bring down the British Nation?  A small group of expatriates is not only being taxed by the UK which helps to support the NHS but themselves have to find extra resources from a seriously declining income to cover their own health costs.   Could not some investigative journalist find out by questioning the immigrants  in Calais -what is it that makes the UK so attractive? Again, changing one's viewpoint - is one not somewhat appalled at the (hopefully a small section- who can say?) sub-culture of youth in Britain.  Will one's own family be ensnared in this?
Unfortunately it seems most expatriates, inexplicably, do not care a toss and will increasingly be led to damnation.
Yet if they would only make sure that they exercise their RIGHT to be represented in the UK Government they could make their voices heard!  Many have already lost their RIGHT, but morally it is their RIGHT.
Write to your MPs or to the Minister for Europe.
In Spring 2010 there is an election.  Make your voice heard!

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