Monday, July 9, 2012

Shopping in France

Every four months or so since March 2012 I publish an analysis of Supermarket costs in Tescos (Milton Keynes) compared to Intermarch√© (Gourdon,  Lot, France)
March  2012 View it here....
  July 9th  it was repeated.
July 2012 View  here...
  December 2012 here
December 2012 View here.
  March 2013 here
March 2013 View here

The lists are not 'weekly shopping' lists and they need sensible interpretation. There are some curious items - q.v. coffee. The studious person will find other oddities - that is why it must be read with caution.  But it remains a guide.

But in the fact that the lists are identical they give some indication of how prices are going.
                                                                 INFLATION % compared to
                Tescos            Intermarch√©              previous entry                              Break even     Inflation
 2012         £             £ equiv.     In Euros       UK    France   Exchange rate        Exch. rate    for Br. Pens
March     80.11          90.68        104.23         --        --         87 pence =1 euro        76 p.                    --
July         87.53          85.38        108.04        9.2      3.6       79 pence = 1 euro       81 p.               -6.0%
Dec.        90.72          90.10        111.06         3.6      2.7       81 pence = 1 euro       81 p.              +5.5%
March     92.79        108.68        124.78        2.3      12.3      87.1 p =  1 euro         74 p.               +20%

Note that inflation rates in orange are calculated on the local currency. Otherwise the exchange rate influences the calculation.   Nevertheless for British people living in France relying on income from the UK the exchange rate is a hugely important factor. The last column gives this figure.

March 2013  -- This item has been transferred to another location, and will be updated from July 2013 at the new location.
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This comparison will be published every four months as time, and energy permits.

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